VedicMaths.Org Conference

5th Online Vedic Mathematics Conference

16th March 2019
12:00 noon to 3:30 pm GMT

The IAVM and the Vedic Mathematics Academy are delighted to announce the 5th Online VM Conference .

The event will feature renowned Vedic Math teachers sharing their work, experts talking about special projects, scholars reading their research papers, workshops on instructional approaches, panel discussion with a focus on effective Vedic Math teaching, and experts to answer questions.

Conference Objectives:
The aims of the Vedic Maths conference are to:
1. broaden the awareness of VM
2. introduce and illustrate the speed, fun and flexibility of VM
3. share discoveries and benefits
4. bring people together with similar interests
5. discuss future pathways for VM

Who should attend?
Anyone who has an interest in maths or maths education. That is teachers, parents, researchers, students etc.

If you would like to offer to make a presentation under Workshops, Global Practices etc. please contact us at



Event Speaker Topic Duration Start time End time
Welcome Swati Dave (USA) Welcome and logistics 00:05 12:00:00 PM 12:05:00 PM
Report James Glover (UK) Bangalore Conference 00:05 12:05:00 PM 12:10:00 PM
Workshop Anna Foglino (Italy) Divisibility 00:20 12:10:00 PM 12:30:00 PM
  Ken Williams (UK) Sixteen Equations Devices 00:30 12:30:00 PM 1:00:00 PM
Global Projects Sivaraman (Japan) VM in Japan 00:10 1:00:00 PM 1:10:00 PM
  Ike Prudente (Philippines) VM in Philippines 00:10 1:10:00 PM 1:20:00 PM
  Anna Foglino (Italy) VM in Italy 00:05 1:20:00 PM 1:25:00 PM
Research Ken Williams (UK) Factorisation and Differential Calculus 00:20 1:25:00 PM 1:45:00 PM
Workshop Ram Godbole (USA) Magic Squares 00:20 1:45:00 PM 2:05:00 PM
  BREAK   00:10 2:05:00 PM 2:15:00 PM
VM Experiences Santosh (India) Angel Academy, Mumbai 00:10 2:15:00 PM 2:25:00 PM
  Raghavendra (India) RVCE, Bangalore 00:10 2:25:00 PM 2:35:00 PM
  Bhattacharjee (India) Excel Education, Shillong 00:05 2:35:00 PM 2:40:00 PM
  Lokesh Tayal (Singapore) Math2Shine 00:10 2:40:00 PM 2:50:00 PM
Workshop James Glover (UK) Factorising harder quadratics using the Vertically and Crosswise pattern 00:20 2:50:00 PM 3:10:00 PM
Research Ken Williams (UK) Evaluation of Permutations and Combinations 00:20 3:10:00 PM 3:30:00 PM
IAVM 2018 and plans for 2019 Swati Dave (USA) IAVM 2018 and plans for 2019 00:10 3:30:00 PM 3:40:00 PM


Only a web browser and headphones or speaker are required to view and participate.
Access through Smartphones is also possible.
Conference access details will be sent 1 day prior to the course start.
NB: The registration period will end 1 day before the conference start


If you would like to make a short presentation on Day 1, or if you have any question(s) you would like to see addressed on Day 2, please email us at with the details.

Recordings of the event will be available to anyone who has registered for the conference. A detailed pdf of the entire event will also be sent out.


Organising Committee:

Kenneth Williams
James Glover
Swati Dave
Has been studying, researching and teaching Vedic Mathematics since 1971, founded the Vedic Mathematics Academy in 1998, published several articles, written several books, created DVDs, been invited to many countries to give seminars and courses. Gives online courses, including teacher training. Research includes developing Tirthaji's material, left-to-right calculating, Astronomy, applications of Triples, extension of Tirthaji's 'Crowning Gem', Calculus. James Glover has 35 years experience of teaching Vedic Maths in schools together with original research and development on its use in education. He has run many public courses, seminars and workshops in Vedic Mathematics and has held international courses for teacher training. He has authored five books: Vedic Mathematics for Schools 1, 2 and 3 and The Curious Hats of Magical Maths 1 and 2. He has written several papers on Vedic Mathematics together with published articles in the Indian press. James teaches mathematics in London and is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. An educational and project management consultant with over 20 years of experience in the fields of civil engineering, project management, education, non-profits and teaching/training. Swati is a certified Vedic Math teacher, and is teaching Vedic Math as a part of after school programs in the USA. She likes working with young minds and strongly believes that educators and parents can work together to make math learning fun for all kids.