VedicMaths.Org Conference

Online Vedic Mathematics Conference

14th - 15th March 2015

Day 1: Special Projects

Presentations of Special Projects underway around the world

This will be for about 60 minutes. There will opportunities for questions after each presentation.

Registered participants will have access to four pre-recorded videos to watch (if you wish) before the conference.


* Dr S. K. Kapoor (India) will speak on the formation of a Vedic mathematics, Science & Technology University to institutionalize research & Teaching.

* Lokesh Tayal (Singapore), ex-director of Oracle, will be describing his new online platform at

* Vera Stevens (Australia) will be talking about 'Pebble Maths' and her amazing successes with it.

* Karen Kwan will be describing developments at Math Monkey in south-east Asia.

* Vinay Nair (India) will speak on his activities and using VM for creating and solving puzzles and how it has made his Mathematics classes more lively and encouraged more children to take up VM.

* Kenneth Williams (UK) will be describing courses etc. which he is giving and developing.

* James Glover (UK) will be telling us about his new books and other projects he is involved with.