VedicMaths.Org Conference

Online Vedic Mathematics Conference

14th - 15th March 2015

Day 2: Vedic Mathematics Research

Outlines of Research Papers to be presented at the Bangkok Conference in July 2015

This will be for about 60 minutes and each speaker will be answering questions from participants..

  Paper Title Author    
Mathematical The Magic of the last digit Robert McNeil UK  
Swami Tirtha’s 'Crowning Gem’ Kenneth Williams UK  
An Investigation into the Working of the Ekadhikena Purvena Sutra, and how it can be used to identify Prime Numbers Marianne Fletcher South Africa TBC
A much needed innovation in geometry Andrew Nicholas UK  
Vyashti Samashti – A sutra from Sankaracarya Bharati Krishna Tirtha James Glover UK  
A grammar for mathematics James Glover UK  

Dissemination Vedic Maths as a Pedagogic Tool JG / KW UK  
A pathway for people with perceived learning difficulties to embrace and succeed with studies in Vedic Mathematics Vera Stevens Australia  
Challenges to assimilating Vedic Math in the math classroom Swati Dave USA  
Adapting Vedic Mathematics in modern technology and learning analytics: enhancing creativity and efficiency in math Lokesh Tayal Singapore  
Teaching Calculus Kenneth Williams UK  
Multiplication techniques: Ancient Indian methods vis--vis Vedic Maths methods of Tirthaji Arvind Prasad Australia  
Knowledge management and its perspectives with reference to Vedic/Ancient Indian Mathematics Prof. P.K. Srivathsa India